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When you are purchasing a home or a property, it is very important to check for nearby power lines or cell towers. This can help you ensure the EMF (electromagnetic field) levels to which you and your family will be exposed to are within safe limits. Turn to EMF Inspections from Singerbiz for professional EMF inspecting and testing services. Our team of EMF consultants in North York will visit your new home or property and check for harmful EMF radiations. We use some of the most advanced Geovital EMF testing meters. Our qualified team is trained by Geovital Academy, which is the world’s leading EMF detection and protection institute.

During our visit, we will test for harmful levels of electromagnetic frequencies, RF and dirty electricity. We will also have an onsite discussion of the findings as well as provide recommendations and a written report. If you have any questions or doubts, you can talk to our experts. For more information or to book an appointment with our EMF professionals, give us a call.

Professional EMF Testing Services in North York

If you want to improve the living environment in your home or office, call EMF Inspections from Singerbiz for professional EMF testing services in North York. Our inspection and testing services are also available in Richmond Hill and Markham. Whether it is a pre-purchased home, an existing home or any commercial property, we serve all types of clients. We measure the 3 types of electromagnetic radiation that can cause health problems. EMFs are known to increase the risk of developing childhood leukemia, adult brain cancer and other deadly diseases. Hence, it is always better to get your dream property tested for EMFs. You can also rely on us for a full range of shielding products.



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